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Class Descriptions

Yoga Tune Up®

Yoga Tune Up® is perfect for those who question, “Am I doing this right?” and those looking to refine their yoga poses. Each class deconstructs a familiar yoga pose and explores movements to make the pose, as a whole, stronger and more secure. You will regress your poses to make progress in your physical practice. It’s intended to round out and inform your regular yoga practice for more longevity on the mat.

Yoga Tune Up® weaves together corrective exercises, natural movements, yoga and self care to help you live better in your body. It’s an archeological dig into yourself to navigate each fascinating region of your body as a pioneer of your own anatomy. You will learn to excavate unhealthy tension patterns, access body blind spots (underused, overused, misused, and confused areas), and discover a “new normal” of structural integrity. With regular practice, you can erase pain, improve posture and improve performance.

Roll & Recover

Roll & Recover will help you erase aches and pains and refresh your body from the inside out. Using The Roll Model® method and a variety of grippy, pliable rubber balls, you will roll away your tension and identify body blind spots: areas that are underused, overused, misused, and confused. Restore your movement patterns to support your body’s structure through corrective exercises, breathing techniques, and self-massage. You will leave feeling aligned and well!

Wild Wisdom Yoga

Wild Wisdom Yoga is strength based vinyasa yoga; a warmed, powerful class rooted in mindfulness and reconnecting to the body’s instinctive wisdom The techniques presented during a class serve to unwind the habitual movements and mental patterning of domestication. Yoga is but one way to move the human body; because it’s an awareness-based practice, it has a lasting structural, mental, and emotional impact on the body. The goal is to wake students up to how they move in their daily lives so that they may change their habits off the mat to feel better in their bodies.

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